Congratulation on being free from the cubicle nation and welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. Here you will have your self-esteem intact, and you will never see politics in any way. You will be in the best of your health, given you don’t let stress make its presence felt.

Quitting a job is seen as a bold step. After all, you have given up on the security of being paid on a monthly basis. However, with recession and layoffs in the picture, we don’t even know if that security is in reality or mind. In such a case, it is a wise decision to be an entrepreneur. If you are unsure about how to build a business, let us guide you through it:

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No matter how good your workplace is or how open the doors of the management are, at some point in time, you may feel like a slave working for a master. According to a data survey conducted by Forbes, about 50.9% of the population working in the U.S. will turn freelancers by 2027.

Such a staggering stat is indicative of something being wrong with the traditional culture of 9-5 working hours. Actually, it is the bondage that one feels in the office. As opposed to this, being an entrepreneur gives you a different feeling altogether, and the freedom to work during the hours of your convenience is one of the major out of these.

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Let us show you two scenarios. It’s the start of the week—Monday—and you already dread at the fact of going to work.

You literally gather strength to get up from your bed and get ready to face Monday. Actually, you don’t fear to go to work, you fear to face your lousy boss. You fear being humiliated and abused at the workplace. Work doesn’t scare you, it is the scars of politics that you are looking at.

Now imagine being a boss in your very business. Even before you wake up, there’s this call that you need to attend and speak to. Your work wakes you up. You are fresh and enthusiastic to deal with your clients on this very day. Your energy is positive. You do not feel exhausted even after 15 hours of work a day.

What makes the difference? It is the thought of having control over things.
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There’s no business in the world bigger than charity. Starting a business, that a non-profitable is the best way to give back to the world the bliss that you have received. It is not only a pure deed, but you can make some good earnings as well out of the serving.

Making a non-profit organization sustainable can be a mammoth of a task, and it may take years for you to take it to the level it deserves. In such a case, it is essential for you to follow a step-by-step guide and ensure that you are on track to be an entrepreneur of a non-profit organization.

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You see your 9-5 job as security and starting a business as a risky affair because of the fluctuating income.

You perceive entrepreneurship as a gateway to intensive efforts with no guarantee of returns on endeavors. You may have seen a number of businessmen fail in their very first attempt and so; you prefer to stay away from the business ecosystem.

On the contrary, recession, layoffs, and demotion are the terms that can haunt you for days if you are a person with a 9-5. You may suddenly feel that the job security that you were perceiving was just a thought in mind and nothing in reality.

You feel stuck. However, there’s no reason to do so. You have no control over what your boss or the management perceives of you, but you have complete control over your business; that’s what makes all the difference. This makes us say that starting your own business is the new job security.

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