Let us show you two scenarios. It’s the start of the week—Monday—and you already dread at the fact of going to work.

You literally gather strength to get up from your bed and get ready to face Monday. Actually, you don’t fear to go to work, you fear to face your lousy boss. You fear being humiliated and abused at the workplace. Work doesn’t scare you, it is the scars of politics that you are looking at.

Now imagine being a boss in your very business. Even before you wake up, there’s this call that you need to attend and speak to. Your work wakes you up. You are fresh and enthusiastic to deal with your clients on this very day. Your energy is positive. You do not feel exhausted even after 15 hours of work a day.

What makes the difference? It is the thought of having control over things.

Understanding the Millennial Mindset of Career

Today, the very definition of a career has changed. Millennials are more than ever involved in job-hopping and the wpm (whoever pays more) model. Career is directly linked with gains and incentives. In such a case, if an individual analyses the returns and quality of life offered by a job versus that offered by a business, he/she will be inclined towards starting one’s own business.

Another factor is stress. Today, when we talk about a job, the word ‘stress’ does not forget to have a casual mention in the conversation. People are frustrated with their 9-5 duration of ass-licking behavior and politics. More than ever, an office has just become the playground of the politicians—whoever pretends more gets to the pole position in the office.

Where are the peace of mind and job security now?

Top Benefits of Being the Boss

You Do Not Need Any External Source of Motivation

When you dived into the business, you had a vision and a mission. To make it come true, you have been working like anything. You do not fear a day full of work just like you did in your 9-5 job. You have a goal for your business, and you are striving to achieve it at any cost.

You are an Entrepreneur, but You are a Contributor 

When you were an employee, you were a contributor to your organization. Your scope of work was only limited to what you did at your workplace. In contrast to this, when you are working for your business, you know you are doing something for someone, and ultimately you are a contributor to the world.

Your Stress Level is 0

Rejected quotes, failed business plans, and unmet goals may frustrate you; however, there is no politics. You do not want to play the blame game. All you need to do is gather the broken pieces and rebuild it. You put your energy in productive tasks rather than fretting over what’s lost.


Key Takeaway

You have an experience of what a boss looks like, and you do not have any plans to becomes like him/her. That’s the best thing you are doing to your employees.

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