No matter how good your workplace is or how open the doors of the management are, at some point in time, you may feel like a slave working for a master. According to a data survey conducted by Forbes, about 50.9% of the population working in the U.S. will turn freelancers by 2027.

Such a staggering stat is indicative of something being wrong with the traditional culture of 9-5 working hours. Actually, it is the bondage that one feels in the office. As opposed to this, being an entrepreneur gives you a different feeling altogether, and the freedom to work during the hours of your convenience is one of the major out of these.

There are four aspects of the freedom of being an entrepreneur:

#1 Location

If you are a freelancer, this may be the least bothering aspect for you. However, if you are an entrepreneur, you need to know where you are operating. You can set up your workplace wherever your customers are. Based on this, you will need to evaluate how much income do you need to support your business and your lifestyle.

If you love your business as an entrepreneur, you will love the location wherein you have most of your customers from. This will give you a sense of freedom to be at the location, and you will not feel bound to transfer and relocation just for the sake of your job.

#2 Finances

In your cubicle nation, you may have a fixed income coming in your way every 30th of the month. However, you may be done with the begging and negotiating stuff, when it comes to seeking a hike. Being an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to make your earning to the value you wish. You have a business model, you have an audience, and you have your products. All you have to do is brainstorm on ideas to bridge the gap and pave the way for your audience to interact with your business.

Starting your own business will give you the freedom to make money to your desired amount.

#3 Work

Your job timing is 9-5. If you are catering to another geography, you may have to kiss goodbye to good night’s sleep and go to work at midnight. Your work is hampered because these are not the hours when your productivity level is high. Your health is going bad because you are not getting enough sleep, and over the top, you are not able to pay attention to your personal life.

In stark contrast to this, being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to be your own boss and set the timings as per your preferences.

#4 Lifestyle

You may see health as a crucial asset, but given the 9-5 work culture and the time it takes for you to commute, you may not be able to devote some time for a workout. However, being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to work, have a social life, have a spiritual life, and still make good money out of it.


Key Takeaway

Being an entrepreneur comes with its own risk. You may not get clients at first. However, the amount of hard work you are putting at your workplace will only take you vertical in the organization. Once you quit your job, you have to start from scratch. As opposed to this, you are still building a strong base with whatever efforts you are putting in your business.

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