Financial freedom, flexible work schedule, mobile office and whatever lifestyle I desire.  Hmmm…did I leave anything out?  Are just a few of the perks associated with being an entrepreneur.  Especially with the current state of the economy and massive drove of people leaving their jobs, venturing out into new avenues of work.  Be it by force or choice, this “great resignation” movement has staked its claim on millions.  With only ONE thing being for certain, the change has come and is undeniably here to stay.   

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If that alarm goes off one more time.  Please just five more minutes?  Should I call off today, what excuse can I use this time?  How many more days until my vacation?  If I work through lunch I can leave earlier.  Man, I hope my supervisor approves my day off request.  How do they have a better shift than me and I have way more time with the company than them?  Ugh, why do I have to work on the holiday?  I hate the politics here!

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Sound familiar?  Sad to say, this is the conversation that many of us have with ourselves everyday regarding our jobs.  But what happens after we go to work and start fantasizing about our lifelong dream of starting our own business?  What really transpires between turning your internal thoughts into an actual physical step of turning your dream into a reality?   

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