Financial freedom, flexible work schedule, mobile office and whatever lifestyle I desire.  Hmmm…did I leave anything out?  Are just a few of the perks associated with being an entrepreneur.  Especially with the current state of the economy and massive drove of people leaving their jobs, venturing out into new avenues of work.  Be it by force or choice, this “great resignation” movement has staked its claim on millions.  With only ONE thing being for certain, the change has come and is undeniably here to stay.   

With so many people making career adjustments or simply retiring from the work industry all together, not all are fortunate enough to do this.  Some have had to start all over and instead of finding another company to slave for, they have taken a leap of faith and work for themselves.  This is GREAT!  However, if you’ve never experienced or had an example of what self-employment looks and feels like.  It’s very easy to become distracted by only the glamorized perks publicly displayed of employment freedom.  Rarely do people express the difficulties associated with the freedom or rather the JOURNEY to that freedom.  If not disciplined, that journey can quickly turn into self-doubt, fear, anger, resentment, frustration and envy.   But fear not.  For we’ve created a nice starters list of habits and actions all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs should follow.  So take note because these gems are for you. 

The five tools you’ll need to help you become the successful entrepreneur that you are destined to be:

  1. Vision Board. Every dream starts with a vision.  If seasoned, you’ll refer to using your imagination, as the “ORIGINAL” virtual reality, or for Gen Z, the “Meta verse.” No matter the term, the fact remains the same.  In order to manifest your ideal lifestyle, dream job, family, house, car, financial status so on and so on.  The strongest method to help you consistently and subconsciously activate behaviors necessary to put you in the direction of your desired life, is a persistent reminder and what better than a vision board?  


  1. Daily Schedule. A great follow-up to enforce what you envision is to strategically enforce action by drafting a daily schedule of task(s) necessary, in order to achieve the visions imprinted on your vision board.  Some may prefer a weekly list, while others prefer a daily list.  The preference is yours, as long as the tasks are accomplished.    


  1. Deadline List. Be hard on yourself!  Compose a list of everything that will be required to start your business and enforce deadline dates for completion.  This is your vision so GET IT DONE!


  1. Consistency.   This new found freedom can easily turn into complacency.  Constantly putting of tasks required to build your business, until it’s too late and you’re forced back into working for someone else, SOLE for financial security.  This is why firm obedience to your schedule and deadlines are extremely important to the survival of your dreams bringing them into fruition.


  1. Doubt Blockers. In the beginning.  Many will encourage you but let’s be honest.  Most of the times we tend to only allow those few discouraging words to fester within us.  But remember, with every chance of failure, there is ALWAYS a chance of success, so for every negative thought quickly replace it with a positive one.  “IF YOU DON’T TRY, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.”  So, whether you jump into the pool or just put in your toe, MAKE THE ATTEMPT to get some part of your body wet! 


And so, with that I’ll simply leave you with this:

                One Life  +  A Leap of Faith  =  Endless Possibilities

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

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